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 Top 10 Best Known Seiyuu in Japan

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PostSubject: Top 10 Best Known Seiyuu in Japan   Thu Mar 24, 2011 10:42 am

A survey inquiring into people's awareness of seiyuu has been conducted in Japan. Obviously, the sample of respondents, 23,338 individuals, consisted of general population so the results show who the most popular seiyuu in Japan are. To my delight, the most recognized seiyuu is Mizuki Nana, 34% respondent knowing about her. I think that particularly her appearance at Kouhaku Uta Gassen must have helped her to become more popular and recognized among the public.

Female ranking is as follows:

1. Mizuki Nana
2. Hirano Aya
3. Sakamoto Maaya
4. Paku Romi
5. Kugimiya Rie
6. Yukana
7. Sawashiro Miyuki
8. Koshimizu Ami
9. Kaneda Tomoko
10. Gotou Yuuko

Kugyuu's fifth place has made me happy as well. It's nice she's quite well known among general population, too.

Male ranking is as follows:

1. Suzumura Kenichi
2. Miyano Mamoru
3. Sakurai Takahiro
4. Fukuyama Jun
5. Irino Miyu
6. Sugita Tomokazu
7. Kamiya Hiroshi
8. Ono Daisuke
9. Nakamura Yuuichi
10. Yoshino Hiroyuki

While 34% of respondents knew the name Mizuki Nana, only 8% of respondents knew the name of Suzumura Kenichi who has secured the first place among males. It indicates there's a considerable difference between the popularity and recognition between male and female seiyuu. The fact is that the each female seiyuu from the top 5 is better known than the first male seiyuu.

On a bit different note, what's interesting is the even competition among male seiyuu, in contrast with the fairly decisive results in the female counterpart. The difference between the first and the tenth among male seiyuu is mere 4%, whereas it climbs all the way up to 30% among females. The huge popularity of a few certain female seiyuu can be explained pretty easily, I think. However, the reason why there's no extremely popular male seiyuu remains a kind of a mystery. It may have to do something with the fact that a lot of female seiyuu also follow the career in music industry. We can only speculate, though.

Source: http://www.animeraku.com/2010/03/top-10-best-known-seiyuu-in-japan.html
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Top 10 Best Known Seiyuu in Japan
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